Your Business Website

We can build you a website for your business large or mall.We have many templates to offer you that will convey your very own personal preferences.

We have the following themes:

  • Small Home Office Business
  • Corporate
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Handyman
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers
  • Travel
  • Inverstment
  • Personal Website
  • Photo Gallery
  • Full Custom

How It Works

The process begins with a phone call 971 237-1977. During the initial phone call, we ask you a few questions about your business and collect your contact information.

Afterwards, you’ll be assigned to, and contacted by one of GPMT’s website designers. The designer will then contact you to talk with you about your website needs, the features you want, your colors and style preferences, other websites you like, overview of the process and timeline, etc.

After the initial phone call, your designer send you an email with their contact information. The process then continues with a series of website builds and reviews that ultimately lead to the delivery and hand-off of your new website.

The process includes three review cycles for your input, corrections and modifications: 1) Review of the initial website build. 2) Review work completed based on feedback from the first review. 3) Review work completed based on feedback from the second review.

After the site is completed, your designer will show you how to post updates to the site.


The process of building your site consists of up to three website iterations. Each iteration will be reviewed by you via a phone meeting with your website designer. The process will take GPMT’s staff a maximum of 20 hours to complete. This is more than enough time to complete the website building process.

However, in the unlikely event that your website takes longer than three iterations or the maximum allocated hours, you will be billed for any work beyond those limits. (We will let you know well before this happens, so there are no surprises.)

Really, this very rarely happens and frankly we don’t want it to. The only time this happens is when a website requires an unusual amount of customizing or a customer is very indecisive.

The payment includes your first month of GPMT’s service. You are responsible for all subsequent monthly payments (currently $19.95) for the service.

After your website design is completed, we will show you how to post updates. After the completion of the We-Build-It process, you are responsible for all changes and updates to the website. Technical support is available to assist you with using the site, but GPMT’s staff is not available to repeat tasks from the GPMT service without charge.

We want you to know about these terms now, so there is no misunderstanding later. It’s our expectation that the GPMT process will be a fun and rewarding experience.

Our goal is for you to love your new website and be able to update it on your own after we’re done.